Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Journal Club

Dear all,

As suggested by Haslinda and with the supports from postgrad. students during the statistic course, we are going to have a journal club every Friday (2.30 - 4.30 pm) from 8th May onwards. In fact, we had this kind of journal club long time ago in ITBC, but journal club rarely been active since Menno Schilthuizen left ITBC.

Dr. Mon and Dr. Hamid had raised the issue regarding to the woefully usage of UMS journal database (in particular web of science). Also, our discussion in journal club will be based on the journal/papers. Thus, it is essential for all member in the club to know:

(1) how to find a good paper?
(2) How to differentiate between good paper(or journal) and no so good paper(or journal)?
(3) How to track the reputation/publication record of a person etc.. .

In view of that, we are going to start with some introductory exercise on the above listed questions on 8 May 2009

Lau Foo Chwang and Haslinda voluntary to present this two papers on 15 May.

If you have suggestion or need more information, please do send me an email.


Liew/ on behalf of 3Ts admin

Talk by Dr. Charles SV and Dr. Takahiro Ishii

Dear all,

Please to announce that two talks by

1) A/P Dr. Charles S. Vairappan - Eco-chemical relationship between red algae genus Laurencia and seahare.

2) Dr. Takahiro Ishii - Secondary metabolites from Bornean soft corals, Nephthea spp. (Nephtheidae)

on 29 April 2009, Wednesday, 3 - 4 pm,

Venue: meeting room at Institute for Tropical BIology and Conservation, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

see you there!!!


3Ts admin