Friday, January 9, 2009

Books of 2008 (liew's choice)

Liew suggested a few books that you might also find interested.

he has learned a lot from reading these 4 books last year, and would like to share with you all...

1) Guns, Germs and Steel.

It is a very good book about human history. The author opened topics with some very interesting questions:

e.g. "how to make an almond?", "how china became chinese" , "how africa became black"

Do you know the answer?

Look for the answers in this book!

This is a good book for those who want to know not only about human history, but also how the distribution of life on earth (Biogeography) determined what and where we are today.

Few chapters in the book illustrated some interesting cases of 'biogeography' and thus might be useful as teaching materials for conserv. biol. students.

2) the last lecture

all lecturers and students must read this book:
or watch the lecture at here:
video link

An inspirational lecture that was given by Randy Paush.

He reminded us how we should lead our life as a lecturer, student and...... as a human being.....

3) How to do ecology

the contents in the book are more complex than what the title suggests.

there are a few chapters in this book that discuss about the experimental design and provide some tips on ecological research setups.

In addition, the remaining chapters provide vital information and guidance regarding the communication of research in terms of powerpoint presentations, posters, manuscripts, etc.

This book will be very useful for both undergraduate and postgraduate students for improving their knowledge on "HOW TO DO RESEARCH"

4) The loom of life, unravelling ecosystems

Menno always makes things easy for other people.

This time, he summarized some classical and pretty complicated ecological theories/stories in a simple and readable manner.

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